BRB, temporarily blank!

Originally I was using this URL as something as a hobby, creating lists of links for my convenience of exploring/remembering/revisiting/sharing stuff from across the internet. As time passed, doing so became much easier without these webpages. The landscape of the internet changed, my focus changed, and the information on this site became wildly outdated and/or awkward.

I've also learned this is not the sort of site I can manage halfway; every time I came back from a hiatus, I found that my previous editor was discontinued, and the newer ones had moved on to languages I had never studied. I'd even had situations where I'd get deterred when newer editors automatically formated my coding to webpage languages I can't read or type, and format file names to ones that would break my links. That said, kudos to Notepad++ working as expected as I type this, and kudos to the internet for probably having all the how-to's I'd likely need in the future. It's been a while.

At this point I'll probably scrap the whole site, keep offline copies of lists and pages for my convenience, relearn how to code webpages (to today's standards), and likely repurpose it. I imagine I'd still put up an updated list of webcomics so I can resume keeping up with them anywhere on the planet. I don't recommend waiting for these changes, as it may take me a while to get around to it. (Statement made 10/13/2014)

If needed, I can be emailed at crazymovingtarget@yahoo, though I can't promise I'll see it!